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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The upcoming LG GD900 Crystal S-Class

The new LG GD900 will hit the markets by the Mid of 2009. The phone has a transparent keypad,made of glass, which makes it unique and more elegant, as compared to other phones.The phone has a touch screen as well,for Multi-input.Furthermore the phone is equipped with a Haptic surface which allows it to recognize handwriting.All these features make this phone look more sexy and lot much technologically advanced.These features provide some following uses:- 1.The Multi-touch input can be used to zoom a picture by placing two fingers on the screen. 2.The touch screen allows the user to write some specific words for some specific features.i.e writing M on the screen will launch the MP3 Player and drawing a circle controls the volume. 3.With such an improved version of touch screen, the user can easily surf the web through a virtual mouse; just like the mouse in a laptop. It seems that LG has made great improvisations in the Nokia'a Morph Concept Phone.But best of luck to LG & Lets hope that this phone trembles the market in future by Introducing a new concept, in the world of cell phones. ( Courtesy: Gsmarena)

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