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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nokia 5800XMe vs Nokia 5330 XMe(Xpress Music Edition)

In 2008 October Nokia released the bar style 5800 Xpress Music Edition. The phone is fully equipped with 2G & 3G Network, so it covers a wider Geographic area.The phone as an excellent 3.2 inch touch screen, featuring 16 million colours. Being a Music Series phone the phone is equipped with stereo speakers and a 3.5mm audio jack. The phone also has modern features like proximity sensor(for Auto turn Off by sensing the environment), Accelerometer sensor(for auto-rotate),Handwriting recognition,Wi-Fi,3G(32Mbps) and A-GPS(for Positioning). The Phone is not just a Music phone but it also has two cameras which make it suitable for photography and videocall service.The phone has a primary camera of 3.15MP (2048*1536) with features like autofocus and LED flash.The camera is capable of making VGA quality videos at 30fps(Frame Rates per Second) and the output can be viewed on a TV, through TV-out. The phone being highly functional contains a microprocessor with 128MB RAM and a CPU of ARM 11 369 MHz.The Phone has a Symbian OS v9.4, Series 60.The phone has a good internal memory featuring 81MB whereas it comes with 8GB of MicroSD card.The memory is extendable upto 16GB.The phone has an average stand-by time of 407 hrs. The phone being highly functional has all features which a standard phone has; whereas it comes with an additional Office Suite.The phone has only 3Buttons on its front face, so its not difficult to operate as Nokia N81.All above mentioned features make this phone have a high tag price. Now coming to Nokia 5330 Xpress Music Edition which is expected to be released by this year.This phone as is having smaller dimensions than the above mentioned and is a slider phone.Whereas Nokia 5330 also being a Music Series phone is having a keypad for data entry.This phone also works in 2G and 3G Network environment.This phone being the latest version in the specific series is able to play more Audio and Video formats, so this makes it a more technological gadget.This phone has a built-in 3.5mm Audio Jack and a 2.4inch low resolution screen than Nokia 5800XMe.Although being the newer version this phone doesnot have the latest features like an accelerometer or proximity sensor e.t.c. This phone has a single primary camera of 3.15 MP (2048x1536 pixels) with no LED.It is capable of making videos at 15fps. So here it the point where this phone lacks from being a multi-dimensional phone as Nokia 5800XMe. Moving on its further functionality this phone comes with a built-in memory of 70MB and a Micro SD card of 2GB.Whereas it can support card upto 16GB.This phone has a Stand-by time of 350hrs.The phone does not offer Wi-Fi connectivity.Well with these features we hope that phone would be cheaper than Nokia 5800XMe and would be much slower. At last I feel that having a cell phone is the only gadget which leaves an impression about you, so if you want to impress your girls or the people in your close proximity than you must have style and style is all what Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Edition is all about.So I'll recommend Nokia 5800XMe ; what I calll to be a muti-featured and a stylo phone.Remember its not less than the Apple iphone!! (Courtesy: Nokia , gsmarena) (The information provided above is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate)


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